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"FUJI FLEX" is engaged in planning, development and manufacturing of products for medical care.

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Message / Philosophy

Yoshio Ohi, President<br />FUJI FLEX Co., Ltd. Originality and Creativity    In 2019, we celebrated the 70th anniversary of our founding. In that company history, I have been working in the medical field for over 50 years. And it's been about 25 years since I was assigned CEO, with a particular focus on the orthopedics and endoscopy fields. Thanks to our valuable customers, we receive many requests and issues from many customers. Especially in the last decade, there has been a revolutionary evolution in the medical market with Computer Assisted Surgery and Robotic Surgery. I am surprised every day by the diversity and change of needs that they bring. However, there are unchanging needs. That is the need for something that is easy to use. Furthermore, as a result, it must be something that benefits the patient. As a member of the medical device industry, we will work on our mission to provide easy-to-use products in response to many requests from the market.
   In 2021, we established our Thai corporation. In order to grow into a manufacturing company with international competitiveness in the medical device industry, which is our goal, all employees will work together toward success.

Yoshio Oi, CEO

Corporate Policy
  1. 1. With the moving spirit behind technical ideas and disciplines, contribute the progress with qualities of medical services and people’s lives.
  2. 2. Aim for the team enough communications and understandings with pleasures and prides in manufacturing.
  3. 3. Based on customer’s trusts, searching for cultural and expansive lives, and participate in improvement of neighboring environment.
Quality Policy
We accurately grasp the needs of our customers and fully draw on our originality and creativity to manufacture safe, high-quality products by the agreed date of delivery
Environmental Philosophy
We, FUJI FLEX, deeply appreciate the importance of global environmental conservation, carry out our business activity in recognition that each and every employee is involved in this issue and thus contribute to the maintenance and improvement of our local and global environment.
Environmental Policy
We are constantly aware of the environmental impact of our manufacture/sales activity regarding our medical products and other industrial equipment, and thereby we will implement our environmental management based on the following action guidelines:
  1. 1. We recognize the environmental effect of our activity, products and services, and continuously improve our environmental management system as a preventive measure against environmental contamination.
  2. 2. We comply with legal requirements applicable to the environmental aspect of our activity and other obligations that we agree to fulfill.
  3. 3. We endeavor to take part in the following initiatives as the key issues of our environmental management in connection with the possible impact that our activity, products and services have.
    1. (1) Effective utilization of resources
    2. (2) Promotion of eco-friendly products
    3. (3) Cleaning activity around the company premises
  4. 4. We set environmental targets/goals in order to carry out this Environmental Policy, and promote our environmental management with full participation of all departments and all employees of our company.
  5. 5. We hereby have this Policy documented to thoroughly notify all workers working in or for the company and also to make it disclosed to public.

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