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"FUJI FLEX" is engaged in planning, development and manufacturing of products for medical care.

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Surgery Instruments

  • Surgical table accessories
    Footrest with higher flexion for intramedullary nails Footrest, Positioner for THA
  • Artificial heart valve sizer
    Spherical sizer, hollow sizer, oval sizer
  • Chisel
    Bone chisel, box chisel, Bone chisel for CPO
  • Retractor
    OCM retractor, PCL retractor, DAA retractor, Mortar lid retractor, retractor for CPO, Bone retractor, Horizontal retractor, Patella retractor, Narrow snake retractor
    A variety of retractors
  • Surgical instruments assisting the surgery by the surgical navigation
  • Trial for artificial joints
    Grit trial, Cup trial, Stem trial, Tibia half block trial, Insert trial, Neck trial, Thighbone trial, Rim mesh trial
  • Instrument for the bone operation
    Bipolar trial handle, Broach handle, surgical elevator, Bone impactor, Adjustable torque wrench, Radiolucent torque driver
  • Instrument for the backbone operation
    Destructor, Bone funnel, Drill bit, Screwdriver, Mesh impactor, Stabilizer
    Instrument for the joint operation
    Greater trochanter reamer, Knee balancer, Cutting block, Caput extractor, Impactor version guide, Stem insertion handle, Stem inserter, Depth gauge, Charnley retractor, Broach handle adapter, Taper reamer

※ We offer the production of various surgical instruments.
  Please feel free to ask us.

We manufacture and develop medical appliances in our clean factory certified with ISO13485 certification.
Medical Equipment Manufacture and Sale License: 29BZ200013
Medical Equipment Manufacturer License: 29B2X10008

Retractor / HIP Silicone grip handle
Retractor / HIP Silicone grip handle

Surgical instruments are manufactured at a clean factory dedicated to the medical equipment in keeping with the legal compliance.
Also, only materials which are harmless to the human body are used there.
We consider that the medical equipment should not be manufactured at the same factory as auto parts, industrial components.
FUJIFLEX built a new factory in Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture, in order to establish a production environment dedicated to the medical equipment.
In our plant, all manufacturing staff members implement the 5S activities to maintain a clean factory environment.
In addition, it is an important element that the exclusive staff, who is thoroughly versed in the purpose of use, is involved in the manufacture of the medical equipment.
In this environment, we develop and manufacture surgical appliances to suit customers’ requirements.

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